Gameweek 13: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our teams and what we’ve done with them since last time out. We also update you guys on the Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick.


Pre-OR: 73k

Moves: Carroll OUT / Surman IN

Nick says: “A really strange week where I had two free transfers and no requirements for surgery on my team. I was pretty happy in general with my set up, Sterling to Pogba was a much touted move but I resisted the urge what with Sterling playing Huddersfield and Mourinho stating that Pogba was unlikely to play the full 90. Instead I have just made a small change on the bench. The absent Carroll leaving and Surman of Bournemouth coming in, based on the good form he has shown so far this season. RLC or Wimmer was the final choice this week and I decided to opt for the midfielder to add a little bit of attacking edge to my team”  


Pre-OR: 1.07m

Moves: Vardy, Jones OUT / Wilson, Walker IN (-4)

Tom says“Another Gameweek, another hit. After an uncharacteristic rage transfer of Wilson in for Vardy last weekend, the confirmation from Mourinho that Jones is out has forced my hand again. I would’ve ideally saved the transfer, but I didn’t fancy Naughton and felt like I should instead “embrace the chase”. In comes Kyle Walker, who has the best xG amongst defenders and also gives me more rep in the City attack. Kane v Kaku I wasn’t sure on, but I think Kane gets the armband due to gut instinct. It’s close, though.”


Pre-OR: 280k

Moves: NONE

Team Manager Palpatine says: “I’m absolutely ecstatic from my darksider pick Wilson’s hatrick last gameweek. Still with only 4.4% ownership he remains a tasty differential and keeps the captain’s armband. This week I decided not to make a transfer, even with two free transfers, and burn my free transfer. Is there anything more anti-meta than that? I do not understand this pressure to always have to make transfers and not stick with the men I already have!”

The WaG pick

As we wrote pre-season, this year we’re running a WaG pick feature to test the power of luck in FPL on that most important of weekly decisions, the captaincy, using Sarah and Nicola’s total disregard for football and subsequent limited knowledge on the subject of football to see if they can beat our perhaps more informed captaincy choices.

Last week, Sarah chose Kane as her captaincy pick, and it was a fail, fail, fail with just a point return. Tom went with Lukaku and got 6 points but Nick’s pick of Morata was the best choice with a 9 point return.

Tom is leading the captaincy picks with 68 overall, the WaGs are now on 53 and Nick has caught up a little bit with  51 points.

This week Nicola has picked her favourite Kevin De Bruyne as her captain. She says we need to talk about him.

Can WaG pick Kevin break the template?


All the best for the Gameweek ahead!


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