Gameweek 14: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our teams and what we’ve done with them since last time out. We also update you guys on the Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick.


Pre-OR: 33k

Moves: Wimmer OUT, Klavan IN

Nick says: “I have been persuaded to be incredibly boring again. Holding off on Hazard for another gameweek but he may come in next week, with Niasse also joining as my third striker. Jesus will have to be the fall guy, hoping he plays against Southampton this gameweek but if he doesn’t he certainly has to go! Morata is my captain over Kane but it is something I have agonised over the past couple of days! ”



Pre-OR: 830k

Moves: Lukaku and Ritchie OUT, Morata and Ramsey IN

Tom says“I’m continuing to embrace the chase, with a final hit to set my team up over Xmas – I think it’s looking good now with Morata an obvious move for the non-firing Kaku and Ramsey in as a nice differential over Xmas for the similarly non-firing Ritchie. Onward plans are just replacing Mbemba (and Wilson after GW17) but I think overall the squad is finally getting towards satisfactory! Kane gets the armband for me, though it’s a close run thing with Morata (and could still change) due to his phenomenal record against Leicester (10 goals in 9 games) and the fact that Spurs need to win to keep in touch at the top of the table… definitely conditions for Harry to show up.”


Pre-OR: 341k

Moves: Ramsey, Matip and Vardy OUT Sanchez, Bong and Calvert-Lewin IN

Team Manager Palpatine says: “I’m all about keeping with the new innovations, be it the latest in evil space station technology or the newest shade in explode-from-your-digits blue lightning. Accordingly, I’ve spotted Alexis Sanchez on just 3% ownership, goals in back-to-back games and an easy fixture and swooped: out goes Vardy (a bit too popular for my liking) and Matip (enabler), and in come DCL and Bong (just cos…) to finance the Chilean coming in for Ramsey. Let’s hope the innovative 4-4-2 with a stonking midfield pays dividends…”

The WaG pick

As we wrote pre-season, this year we’re running a WaG pick feature to test the power of luck in FPL on that most important of weekly decisions, the captaincy, using Sarah and Nicola’s total disregard for football and subsequent limited knowledge on the subject of football to see if they can beat our perhaps more informed captaincy choices.

Last week, Nicola blanked with Kevin de Bruyne as her captaincy pick, whereas Nick and Tom both got 8 with their choice of Harry Kane.

Tom still leads the captaincy picks with 76 overall, but Nick overtakes the WaGs after Kane outscores de Bruyne, meaning he is now on 59 with the WaGs on 53 points.

This week, Sarah has defaulted to Alexis Sanchez as the man she thinks will score, based on the fact that Tom “embarrassed himself by celebrating a lot” last year whenever he scored.

Can Sanchez do the business for Sarah and the anti-metas??

All the best for the Gameweek ahead!