Gameweek 2: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our FPL teams and what we’ve done. We also update you guys on Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick, in this article.

Good luck to all of you!


OR: 1.57m
Rise/Fall: N/A

Moves: Zaha OUT | Ramsey IN


Nick says: “With Zaha set to be ruled out of this weekend’s fixture, question marks in regards to his return and a likely price drop meant I was forced to remove him from my team. All of a sudden however it felt like there were not many like-for-like swaps. This was partly caused by Fabregas’ suspension, Chelsea’s tricky fixture and general current weakness not making Willian an appealing prospect. Mkhitaryan would have been an interesting option but I would had to have taken a hit to fund that extra 1.0 – and downgrade a player too – which was something I wasn’t willing to do. There were a few 5.5m assets like Mooy who were appealing and Tadic was another option at 6.5. However, my straight-swap choice was bringing in Aaron Ramsey. This gave me Arsenal coverage for the Stoke game (no crunching tackles please Mr Shawcross) and Ramsey looked on form, scoring a goal in the opening week when he came on. My only concern is whether he starts but rumours afoot are that he will be taking Mohamed Elneny’s place in the starting line up”


OR: 727k
Rise/Fall: N/A

Moves: None


Tom says“I’m happy to hold this week to give myself the “mini Wildcard” option of 2FTs+hit next week for 3 transfers. I did have a short-term dalliance with the idea of jumping on the Mounie mobile, but with a tepid WHU next I’m hoping Gabbi proves his worth in my side. As Nick said on the pod, Southampton were looking threatening in that they registered an astonishing 29 shots (including blocks) against Swansea, the huge drawback being that only a pitiful TWO were on target (BBC). Got to hope for better. Other than that, I’m overcoming my aversion to the early captaincy and keeping it on Kaku. Finally, I hope Rob Elliot stays at Newcastle’s #1 once the transfer deadline closes! KdB needs to do more to justify the 10.0 to be honest, so he and the aforementioned Gabbi are those under the microscope in view of a potential transfer this weekend.”

The Darksiders

OR: ~800k
Rise/Fall: N/A

Moves: Fabregas OUT | Martial IN


Team Manager Palpatine says: “I had a great time at the Vardy party last weekend and am backing him to keep us going. I was proud to see him, Mkhi and Bavies surge to upwards of 10% ownership – once Nick and Tom have time, I’m sure they’ll agree on wagwon (see, this galactic despot is down with the kids) with these peons. Anyway, Martial comes in with Fabregas out and encountering the Injecto-Interrogator 5000.

The WaG Pick

Alexandre Lacazette.

The reasoning this week from Sarah is that his name “sounds like a cassette”.

Scores after a sample of one show Tom unstoppably in the lead, with 13 from Kaku, Nicola’s pick KdB eliciting 3 for the WaGs and Nick trailing with 1 from Kane.

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