Gameweek 3: How we did

Here’s a short review of Gameweek 3 in FPL – we will be podding on Thursday night this week as Tom is away with work until late Wednesday.


OR: 1.58m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 75k places

Nick says: “A last minute Chris Wood goal, a man who received the prospecting the prospects treatment the day before, turned a potential 9 point Bavies return to 2 points. A potential 18 point penalty missed for Lukaku meant another epic captain fail too. However, keeping the faith with Salah and a cheeky J Rod goal meant a 42 point return wasn’t too damaging. However the amount of Bavies to Kane deliveries mean it was a very much a what if… weekend”


OR: 1.78m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 550k places

Tom says: “The first of many inevitable negative swings from big changes this season, with my removal of Salah, plus Britos’ reckless red inhibiting the chance of returns from Richarlison, meaning a negative 13 point swing (Suttner replacing Kola for 7; Willian 3; Salah 11 v Alonso 6; Richarlison 3; Pogba 3; -4). Alonso kept a clean sheet, but it turned out that Azpilicueta was the man in the points this week in the Chelsea defence. I have to console myself with the reasoning being sound behind Pogba and Alonso coming in as season keepers, and Richarlison being a punt that could have paid off spectacularly; on another day I could’ve been sitting pretty. Unfortunately, as it turned out, I had a week with zero goals or assists by any of my players – can’t remember the last time that happened – and a poor 35 (39-4). The silver lining is that there were hardly spectacular outcomes elsewhere, so hopefully this can be quickly forgotten. Again.”

The Darksiders

OR: ~250k

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~350k places

Team manager Palpatine says: “The Force is strong with the dark side this week, as team captain Morata delivered the goods in the shape of a goal, assist and 24 points whilst Tony Valencia and the soon-to-be legendary Allan Nyom delivered for us at the back. Unfortunately, it’s not working out for Sane or Siggy, but we’ll have to see what we do with that going forward. Time for the Royal Guard to escort me to my chamber for a week or so’s worth of hibernation before next Gameweek now: all the excitement is making my eyes bulge more than they already do.”

The WaG Pick

Romelu Lukaku blanked for the WaGs, keeping them marooned at points. Nick is also stuck on 7 by dint of also captaining Kaku.

Tom takes scant solace in extending his lead by 2 through Kane’s blank to give him 22 points thus far.

Speak to you on Friday, hope your Gameweeks were OK!