Gameweek 3: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our fantasy football teams and what we’ve done. We also update you guys on Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick, in this article. Additionally, Ed tips a team, player or game that could be of interest to FPL managers this week that we’ll be watching closely.

Good luck to all of you!


OR: 1.5m

Rise/Fall: Rise of 69k places

Moves: None!

Nick says: “With the international break looming I have decided to take the risk of sticking with the tools I have (madness perhaps) and rolling my transfer, and hoping it’ll come good this weekend. A number of my players are on their last chance but, with two free transfers next week, I will have plenty of manoeuvrability to make any intended moves plus account for any injuries over the international fixtures. I have made one formation change however: a poor performing Bournemouth facing Manchester City means Ake drops out with Tom Carroll being given a run out against Palace and a switch to 3-4-3.”


OR: 1.22m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 500k places

Moves: Salah > Pogba (9.0 – 8.0); Willian > Richarlison (7.0 – 6.0); Kolasinac > Alonso (6.0 > 7.0) for a -4 hit.

Tom says: “Well, it’s Alonso isn’t it? I’ve fallen prey to fear and gotten him in at the starting price of 7.0. The rise looked like it was happening last night and I went for it – I got rid of Kolasinac because I think it’s a bit too early for him, and am backing Alonso to be a season keeper. Willian goes out for Richarlison to complete the combination move and the hit. He could be a good flash in the pan in terms of points and team value benefits for me at his price – if he scores again he’ll elicit a further rise to give me a +0.1 in the bank once the rise which looks on tonight goes through. I will hopefully be able to lock that in when I sell on when he inevitably fades.

I welcomed Pogba on Saturday night for Salah as mentioned on this week’s pod, and have enjoyed a 0.2 rise already (+0.1 to sale value), but again the key motivation was season keeper status with Pogba: I wanted one of him and Mkhi and the chance of Pogba, again at starting price, was irresistible. (Keep Salah if you own him, by the way, he’s bound to score now!)

No coverage in the Arsenal match is good for my sanity. KdB and Ryan Fraser drinking in the last chance saloon – Fraser scored midweek and was going to be sacrificed for Richarlison, but earns a reprieve as I needed to release funds to finance Alonso by selling Willian. I think he’s more likely to do something than TC, who Nick is going with – I notice he’s also on Kaku (C) so it’ll be interesting to see how our fortunes fare this week.”

The Darksiders

OR: ~600k

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~200k places

Team Manager Palpatine says: “This week I’m cursing the rebel scum who have bought up my man Mkhitaryan after his two excellent performances with his four assists earning me over 20 points. Sadly, he’s had to go, and who better to bring over to the dark side than renowned FPL darling Siggy, who comes in off the back of a 50 yarder on his debut. Surely he can pull out a performance against a big side? I think there will be goals in that game: in the absence of any clear captaincy choice the captain defaults to the most valuable player, which is Morata.”

The WaG Pick


Romelu Lukaku.

Kaku scored 6 for Nick and Tom. This puts Nick at 7 (overtaking the WaGs whose Lacazette pick blanked!) and Tom at 20.

Ed’s Tip

West Ham

“One side I’ll be watching closely this week is the Hammers. After opening the season with three straight a away trips due to a scheduling conflict, the Hammers are due to embark on a prolonged series of favourable fixtures between now and Gameweek 13. Whilst last week’s two-goal hero Chicharito may have garnered the most FPL attention to date, it is midfielders Michael Antonio and the returning Manuel Lanzini who have most piqued my interest. The duo – priced at 7.5 and 6.9 respectively – could offer great value as a medium-sized investment. Indeed, the pair racked up 17 goals between them last season; and a positive performance could certainly put one, or perhaps even both, on the FPL radar.”
  • Just a note that, next week, the podcast will be out on Friday 1st September as Tom is away early on in the week, plus we need a new month on bluberry as we’ve already fulfilled this month’s data quota 🙂

Cheers – good luck guys!