Gameweek 4: How we did

Here’s a short review of Gameweek 4 in FPL – we will be podding tonight (Tuesday 12th!) this week, so look out for that from Wednesday morning!


Pre OR: 1.58m

Post OR: 778k

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~802k places

Nick says“The Spurs guys delivered for me with double figure returns for Kane and Davies. Returns for Ramsey, Pogba and captain Lukaku meant it was a 60 points return and a welcome sea of green arrows in my ML placing. The only negatives were the lack of clean sheets for Chelsea, WBA and Southampton, which I’d have thought would have come in! Points on the bench for Elliot and Lowe means a reconfiguration is in order going forward, with Elliot knocking on the first team’s door as he is also looking like a better source of save points than Foster.'”


Pre OR: 1.78m

Post OR: 1.37m

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~400k places

Tom saysI squidged into the 50s thanks to a lovely 8 pointer from Rob Elliot on Sunday, with a last-gasp block pushing him both into 3 saves for the extra point and a bonus. To be honest, though, if that’s what has “saved” my Gameweek it’s been a pretty mediocre one, and despite that last minute sheen it certainly was. A lack of Ben Davies and my alternatives failing to fire, plus the midfield options failing to return points, meant I was on for mid-40s malaise before Elliot’s intervention. Gabbi has got to go, as I think does Fraser. Is it Wildcard time yet? Not quite. But I need a little boost to get into the top 1m – this remains the lowest I’ve ever been in FPL!

The Darksiders

Pre OR: ~250k

Post OR: ~40k (!)

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~210k places

Team manager Palpatine says: “I’m making an utter mockery of the boys, continuing to smash out good results week to week. The Morata out, Jesus in move was inspired, and I got very unlucky with Sane on the bench as I played Monreal in preference… still good. Who’d have known that a team that Nick + Tom put together in 5 minutes on WhatsApp would smash their actual sides so far? Shows the power of the dark side.”

The WaG Pick 

Sarah’s Pogba choice returned her points versus Nick+Tom’s 6 for Lukaku.

The standings at the moment are Tom leading the field with 28, Nick on 13 and the WaGs on 10.

Speak soon!


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