Gameweek 4: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our fantasy football teams and what we’ve done. We also update you guys on Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick, in this article.

Good luck to all of you!


OR: 1.58m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 75k places

Moves: KdB > Pogba; Ake > Lowe

Nick says: I had a few players under threat of falling in price and with poor form they had to be removed. Two FTs for the Gameweek meant I had a little bit of flexibility with my moves but, in the end, I decided to pick out value players as replacements to enable me to set up a decent Ramsey upgrade next game week. After three blanks, KDB was out of there straight away at the beginning of the international break before he fell, with Pogba coming in. Last night, with the risk of falling and a yellow flag it was Ake’s turn to be given his marching orders. In came Huddersfield’s Lowe, of whom there has been debate as over to whether he is on pens (we made our case of the possibility here). Despite making the move, however, I have chosen to keep faith with Carroll who plays Newcastle at home next and have benched Lowe who will act as cover should Stephens lose his place in the Saints defence.”


OR: 1.22m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 500k places

Moves: KDB > Alli

Tom says: “Keeping it to the 1 transfer this week, with Alli – who has just this morning apparently been charged by FIFA for making an obscene gesture, woops, but it’s looking like it’s England duty only he may face sanction for! – coming in for KDB as soon as the GW was over to protect against the drop in price for de Bruyne. I did consequently have to take a drop on Fraser, but I didn’t feel it was worth a -4 to make a further change on a player whom I wouldn’t start. As with Nick, Carroll plays for me over a defender – perhaps the better choice in Suttner – by dint of having a Sunday game that I’ll be watching. It’ll be a funny old week where many will be all out by Saturday evening given the paucity of big games on Sunday/MNF.”

The Darksiders

OR: ~250k

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~350k places

Move: Morata > Jesus

Team manager Palpatine says: “Unfortunately the early success of Morata disqualified him from the side, with the surge in ownership obliging me to move against the forces of the light and look at who has fallen into darkness. Gabriel Jesus, now down to just 8% ownership, seems one such man whose name might suggest needs redemption and has come in for the Darksiders team and also gets the armband. Prices are dropping everywhere, with 0.3 lost from Sane alone – the fact the German speedster isn’t playing too much has meant Monreal gets the nod over him against Bournemouth, whilst Ryan comes in for Ederson in goal.”

The WaG Pick

This week, Sarah’s pick is Paul Pogba from a selection of him, Alexis Sanchez and Pedro.

The reason given is that “it’s funny that his first name is Paul with that exotic surname”.

The standings at the moment are Tom leading the field with 22, Nick on and the WaGs on 5.

Speak to you on Tuesday night, hope your Gameweeks are OK!


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