Gameweek 5: How we did

Here’s a short review of Gameweek5  in FPL – we will be podding tonight (Monday 18th!) this week, so look out for that from Tuesday morning.


Pre OR: 778k

Post OR: 1.467m

Rise/Fall: Fall of ~776k places

Nick says: “A frustrating below average game week with just 47 points meaning all the gains from the last Gameweek in terms of overall rank were lost. Captain fail yet again as Kane blanked where others succeeded: the question remains as whether I have lost faith in him as a captain choice. Playing Elliot over Foster, and Stephens and Davies, not starting also meant I missed out on those important Spurs, WBA and Southampton clean sheet points. Lukaku and Salah my only salvation to some extent this weekend, but not enough. I have already made a transfer, Stephens to Kolasinac, to avoid the price drop.”


Pre OR: 1.37m

Post OR: 2.25m

Rise/Fall: Fall of 880k places!

Tom says: “Yep, it’s depressing. Well done to those doing well, but, as with last year, I just can’t get on to a good start when we haven’t got the numbers to base it on – much like David Moyes’ management, things don’t seem to go my way from the off and I need time to settle in to the season. The tone for this week was set by me apparently not pressing confirm in time to put Fraser on for Suttner, which could’ve stung if the former had shown up, and despite dodging the bullet there things continued to be utterly underwhelming as the weekend progressed. Again I’ve got clean sheets, but no goals from any differentials at the other end with a Kane blank. I’ve never been this low, literally in terms of rankings, so the wildcard is out to try to change things up as happened last year.

The Darksiders

Pre OR: ~40k

Post OR: ~130k

Rise/Fall: Fall of ~90k places

57 Points.

Team Manager Palpatine says: “Antonio Valencia has been given his promotion to full Sith Lord status after his performance made up for a low scoring (but not as low as the boys’!) week for the Darksiders side, with Jesus showing that he’s no Kun and new boy Matip failing to keep the clean sheet I’d brought him in for; instead, 3rd bench Monreal grabbed the unexpected 9 pointer away at Chelsea. Despite this, Jesus still scoring, a penalty for Jamie Vardy and the last minute unexpected bonus of a Martial spot-kick meant the Gameweek turned out OK in the end”.

The WaG pick

Nicola chose Kane this week for his 2 points, as did Nick and Tom.
This means things don’t change at all, with Tom leading the field on 30, Nick on 15 and the WaGs bringing up the rear on 12.

Speak soon!


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