Gameweek 5: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our teams and what we’ve done with them since last time out. We also update you guys on the Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick.


Pre OR: 778k

Moves: Pogba > Alli

Nick says“‘With the ‘stop press’ announcement at the end of the pod on Tuesday night of the Pogba injury, all previous plans went out the window. Ramsey and J Rod live to fight another day with Pogba instead being the fall guy. Dele Alli comes in as a direct replacement due to cash in the bank. There is still more excess cash in the bank, meaning that that a move swapping Stephens to Kolasinac (who once again proved his appeal by scoring in the Europe League) next Gameweek for Arsenal’s kindly fixture run is attainable. My captain this week is captain obvious, Harry Kane. My only fear is have I gone too heavy on Spurs: will they let me down?”


Pre OR: 1.37m

Moves: Pogba > Pedro; Gabbiadini > Firmino (-4)

Tom says:Aim this week is to get out of the sub-mil bracket. The enforced Pogba change caused me to cast the net far and wide for an asset <8.0 that I could bring in as a differential. This was so I could replace the tawdry Gabbiadini with Firmino as my route in to the Liverpool attack. I did consider those at 5.5-6.0 in vogue currently, but I already own Richarlison whom I am forced to continue on with for now. I’ve landed on Pedro, who was actually in my side ahead of GW1 (before he got injured) and whose 167 points (10g 9g) last season in the same circumstances (Willian + Haz rotation threat) is encouraging. I feel bad doubling down v my club Arsenal, but what can you do? We’re also due an “upper-mid” midfield asset firing; could it be him? If not, I can easily port him down. Captain Kane. Still undecided on Suttner v Fraser, hoping the latter might repay me at the last gasp (plus there’s the FPL mantra to ‘always play the attacker’) before he goes out to finance Kolasinac next week.”

The Darksiders

Pre OR: ~40k

Moves: Davies > Matip

Team Manager Palpatine says: “Unfortunately, Bavies was just too good for the Darksiders team. Wielding a red light sabre instead is Joel Matip against Burnley – because who is signing a Liverpool defender? Jesus has the captaincy for the final time, as whenever I’m executing someone with blue lightning recently he keeps looking at the victim and at the open shaft to the reactor core I inexplicably have in my throne room. This means he might be off out soon as his ownership will breach 10%.”

The WaG Pick

Wake me up when September begins

Nicola’s choice of Kane means the WaGs are in alignment with us this week.

Currently, Tom is leading on 28, with Nick in second on 13 and the WaGs trailing on 10. That order won’t change this week.

Speak soon – looking like Pod 10 (la decima!) will be on Monday night, so look out for that Tuesday.


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