Gameweek 6: How We Did

Here’s a short review of our Gameweek 6 in FPL – we will be podding tonight (Tuesday 26th!) this week, so look out for that tomorrow morning.


Pre OR: 1.467m

Post OR: 1.271m

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~200k places

Nick says” It was a weekend of high scores with a Kane captain brace, Alli double assist, Lukaku, Lowe, Kolasinac, Salah and Ramsey all delivering returns. The green arrow duly delivered but sadly there was no sea of green. An ill timed -4 to move Jay Rodriguez to Joselu was a fail and an extremely frustrating Alonso substitution in the 58th minute tarnished things, turning what could have been a great Gameweek it merely into a slightly good one.


Pre OR: 2.25m

Post OR: 2.19m

Rise/Fall: Rise of ~58k places

Tom says” It’s a game of fine margins, and this weekend on my wildcard – with a lot of emotional investment in the outcome – was particularly cruel. I was one Vardy pen miss and, as with Nick, 2 mins of Alonso pitch time away from it being a pretty decent wildcard week – as it was, I was reliant on Bellerin getting the 2bp last night to give me the smallest of green arrows. It’s scant consolation for what could have been, but a tincy-wincy step in the right direction and in the end I think a wildcard that will stand me in good stead going forward, given how close it was to being something glorious.”


Pre OR: ~130k

Post OR: ~375k

Rise/Fall: Fall of ~245k places

Team Manager Palpatine says:A first real below par Gameweek here, with Jesus’ no show and Vardy’s penalty miss costing the side dearly. Performances from Sane and those in the backline to some extent made it something respectable, but a fall in places has made me uncontrollably wail in my chamber. With 2FTs, changes look imminent next week to freshen things up.”

The WaG pick

Sarah chose Mkhitaryan this week and got 3 points, compared to Tom’s 11 for Kun and Nick’s 13 for Kane.

This means Tom still leads the field on 44, with Nick making up a bit of ground on 27 and the WaGs lagging behind somewhat on just 15. Going forward, we’re tempted to fuse the anti-meta side with the WaGs, and give them a pick from that lineup… watch this space.

Speak soon!


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