Gameweek 6: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our teams and what we’ve done with them since last time out. We also update you guys on the Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick.


Pre OR: 1.467m

Moves: Stephens > Kolasinac; Rodriguez > Joselu (-4)

Nick says: “Kolasinac comes in as a straight swap for Stephens, who is unlikely to play with VVD and Hoedt in the fold now. The only question that remained was what to do with the ‘sexless inn keeper’ J Rod who, despite escaping another fall last night, looks certain to fall again to 5.8 in the next day or two. Options were very limited at this price point, with Abraham and Joselu looking like the best two. After hours of deliberation and internal strife, I have taken my first -4 of the season, plucking out the ineffectual J Rod and putting my eggs in the Newcastle forward Joselu’s basket.”


Pre OR: 2.25m


GK: Speroni > Krul.

Def: Bertie > Bellerin / Dawson > Bavies / Suttner > Naughton / Goldson > Mbemba.

Mid: Richarlison > Ritchie / Pedro > Mkhi / Alli > Salah / Fraser > RLC / Carroll > Chalobah.

Fwd: Lukaku > Kun / Firmino > Vardy.

Retained: Elliot, Alonso, Kane.

Tom says: “Well, it’s been a long and winding road defined by the big question in the meta at the moment: which big strikers do I own? In the end, factors I think are possibly subjective – Jesus’ full game midweek; Kun’s rest; positive memories of the Argentine (OK that last one is subjective) – meant Kun stuck in as the City pick and obvious captaincy choice. Kane stays alongside him, with Kaku leaving the side, purely because Mkhitaryan was only 8.4 v Alli at 9.5 alongside Kaku.

I need the cash elsewhere to afford my lovely backline (Ben Davies is a second preference pick actually, as I needed to remove Mendy to afford Kun) and also to have Vardy, who I fancy to scavenge a goal or two over the next few as a nice differential. In the midfield, Salah has come back in (idiot for selling) for Alli, with Kane and Bavies affording me ample Spurs coverage. I’ve gone for Bellerin over Kolasinac as a little differential in the Arsenal defence.

And in general maintenance moves, 4.5 midfield fodder have OK fixtures come November-December time, when I suspect I might need them, given rotation, to come off the bench. I finally say goodbye to Fraser(!!!!!) Mbemba comes in as he looks cover for Newcastle, which could again benefit him in rotation. Krul comes in on the off chance he starts for Brighton over Ryan.

It’s 4-3-3 for me. Let’s see how this goes, but hopefully I’ll get a bounce like I did last year with a good-looking team. Kaku could punish me, especially in GW7, but I’m sure given this Gameweek and also 8+9 it will all end up with me favoured.”

*nb this team is basically there barring last min freak out – will update if that happens.

The Darksiders

Pre OR: 130k

Moves: None

Team Manager Palpatine says: “It’s a dark rollover for me, with Jesus’ full 90 in the Energy Drinks Are Good 4 U Cup (an evil empire in disguise if ever there was one) deflecting some of the interest that could have come his way. He gets the armband. We’ll leave it one more week and see how things shake out. Monreal plays over Matip.”

The WaG pick

Any excuse

Sarah chose Mkhi out of a choice of the Armenian, Eriksen and KdB. The reasoning is that his first name is Henrikh, which is the same as one of the lead characters on a Scandi-noir we watched called The Bridge.

Tom’s leading the field on 30, Nick on 15 and the WaGs bringing up the rear on 12.

Good luck all!


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