Gameweek 7: How We Did

Here’s a short review of our Gameweek 6 in FPL – we will be podding Thursday (5th!) this week, so look out for that from Friday morning.


Pre OR: 1.271m

Post OR: 657k

Rise/Fall: Rise of 655k places

Nick says: “A very decent return of 71 resulted in a strong green arrow and season high rank of 657k. The Lowe -> Daniels transfer paid off to the tune of 6 points and Joselu delivered the points too having been given a stay of execution with a rather jammy goal! Elsewhere Davies hammered home the points too, though he felt less of a differential now with 20% ownership. Kolasinac also picked up a clean sheet for me and Kane and Kaku also brought home the bacon… though my captain choice was the wrong one.”


Pre OR: 2.19m

Post OR: 1.42m

Rise/Fall: Rise of 770k places

Tom says: “A 70 but I’m still feeling like it could’ve been more. After 42 from 2 after the first game, hopes were high of a real result as it was only Bellerin (looking a rare moment of good judgement from me so far this season) who performed, with the rest of the team only providing appearance points. At least I got the captain right! Looking ahead to next week, I have 2 key issues – no City players, and no bench whatsoever. This will have to be remedied quickly, with a hit likely to replace the declining Mkhi with Sane/Silva/Sterling and Chalobah out for either more fodder or to set up a reversion to 4-3-3. I just want to get to the top 1m – in that way, I feel a little bit like I’m one Gameweek behind Nick at the moment and so might plan something a bit more drastic to make up ground.”


Pre OR: ~375k

Post OR: ~340k

Rise/Fall: Rise of 35k places

Team Manager Palpatine says: “An awkward week for us anti-metas, with everything looking dire until the unlikely hero Nacho Monreal popped up with a goal and a clean sheet to save the Gameweek. New captain King failed to perform, which was galling. Next week, it’s looking like Jesus will have to go having found redemption through Kun Aguero’s injuries.”

The WaG Pick

Nicola returned the points for the WaGs this week, with her Kevin de Bruyne pick returning 11 points. Tom got 13 from Kane, but Nick floundered with just a 6 from Kaku.

This mean Tom has 57 overall, with Nick on 33 and the WaGs catching up with him on 26.

Cheers guys – have a great break, and we’ll be with you on Friday 🙂


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