Pod features: #NyomWatch

This is the second of three short pieces that highlight some of the key features for the WGTA FPL pod this year!

(nb we’ll also write about these on the blog to give a summary, but the majority of the detail will be given on the pod)


When the prices came out on launch day, Nick, in particular, was disappointed.

Having spent a great deal of the summer expecting 4.5m defenders to be rife in the game for him to hatch his nefarious 4-at-the-back scheme (as he detailed in his future trends article on the subject), he was dismayed to find that many defenders he thought would be at that 4.5 mark were 0.5 cheaper, at 5.0.

One man, in particular, was the scapegoat of his ire:

Are you sitting comfortably Nyom?

Yes, as the title of the article suggests, it’s Watford legend Allan Nyom, who was just 4.0 at the start of last season and, memorably, came off to bench before 30 mins for me one Gameweek and got a clean sheet and two bonus where the rest of his side had conceded.

On the recent pod, Nick said that another player who had been overpriced had “gone the way of Allan Nyom” (pod here – 47:45), which made me laugh out loud a fair bit, but, afterwards, definitely also made us think that we need to keep track of this guy, this dangerman who is valued on a par with 6 goal Ghostgoal McAuley and ICT megathreat Craig “Michael” Dawson, to really make sure he’s worth the 5.0.

An unhealthy interest in Nyom brewed inside both of us. Or was that the Southern Fried Chicken straws for Tesco?

Either way, when I was watching Country File (a BBC nature show ) whilst hungover one Saturday morning, it all came together: why not watch the Cameroonian like a rare exotic bird, and report back on his progress every week to really ensure he’s worthy of a 5.0?

Thus, #Nyomwatch was born.

How we’ll update you

We began our watch earlier:

We’ll get you up to date on that, and all his other pre-season shenanigans, in our next pod.

From then on, we plan have a short section on the pod every week tracking Nyom’s performances* to help us, over the course of the season, answer the key question: is Nyom a 5.0 superstar?

This’ll be informed by immersing ourselves in all things Nyom, from reading the WBA website religiously (and scouring the live texts for clues about his exploits), through scouring local news to the nth degree for a sniff of Nyom, to just generally making wild assertions (on GW1: Nyom has delivered more crosses than Seamus Coleman this season).

We’ll try to endeavour to keep you updated, but would really like you to keep in touch with us, too.

Just use the #Nyomwatch hashtag whenever our star man surprises, delights or enthrals you with the skills worthy of a 5.0 defender, and we’ll give you a shout out on the pod if you can prove what you’re claiming about our star man is true.

Our ultimate aim is to be approved as a follower of his (we’ve asked); the stretch goal would be to be followed, and the champagne would start flowing (literally) if we get the man to use ‘#NyomWatch’ himself.

(*if Nyom just stops playing, we’ll find someone equally ridiculously inflated, like Erik Pieters… NyomWatch had a better ring to it, though)