The Fantasy Football (Soccer – round ball!) site that is all about the first question that pops in to the mind of every FPL manager when a goal goes in, but their guy hasn’t scored. And some finance and psychology stuff, too.

Made by two young professionals from London who are waaaaay too obsessed with FPL, much to the consternation of our other halves.

We’re Nick (matamatics, left) and Tom (individual, right). We’re friends from school. We’re both people who sit in the vague “young professionals” bracket, based in London, who want to add their voice to the FPL community. We’re two FPL fanatics, who spend far too many waking (and sleeping, for that matter) hours thinking about and talking about FPL, who wanted to take it further. We both spend weekends (and weekdays if it’s on!) glued to our phones, checking livescore and FFS (Fantasy Football Scout), to see who’s scored and, without fail, asking the next question all managers ask: “who got the assist?”

In short, we are, almost definitely, a version of you.


We’re across the ol’ social media as well, principally on Twitter @WGTA_FPL (side note: if you own @whogottheassist, we’d love to get it off you!) and also at www.facebook.com/whogottheassist

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