FPL Goops: 19/20, Blog 5 – King Kun

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It’s that awkward time of year.

End of the summer holidays, back to school, trains packed again with zombie commuters.

It’s enough to tip us over the edge… so what we don’t need is an International Break!

Luckily though, it gives me time to cover some things off…


Doodle Corner

I’m delighted to announce a new feature in my weekly blog.

I’ve been really taken by newcomer @fpldoodles1 in the FPL Twitter community, and I’m chuffed that he’s agreed to contribute by adding a weekly doodle on a pertinent FPL topic from the most recent gameweek.

Our first collaboration is for FPL stalwart Kun Aguero.

By FPL Doodle (@fpldoodle1); click/tap to expand if not rendered properly.

There are very few certainties in life.

Death, Taxes and….Kun Aguero absolutely tearing up early season.

I’ve generally benefitted from these Kun masterclasses.  He was always one of the first picks in my team, despite the price tag.  You just know what you’ll get.

However, the FPL psyche has shifted in the last year toward going bigger at the back or in midfield.  There’s better value there and something has to give.

That, and the plethora of choice in City’s much vaunted attacking line up.

Raheem Sterling has emerged as the new pretender to the throne and I’m still convinced he will be this season’s top points scorer.

The re-emergence of Kevin de Bruyne has added weight to going Kun-less and, whilst all 3 have returns, Kun has absolutely killed it in weeks 3 and 4 and catapulted owners to impressively high rank.

A lesson for us all – Kun is still the King!


Gameweek 4 Review

What we definitely don’t need is to go into the IB on an FPL downer so I was really hoping for a nice high scoring week, a captain who delivered and a lovely green arrow…

I have to admit I was really quite disheartened by Saturday night when my rank had doubled and my early season plans were in tatters.

As I mentioned last week, I’d taken a hit as well (essentially to buy Pukki ) and, whilst his inevitable blank was a frustration, I was most affected by the third captain blank in a row.

Sterling at home to Brighton. A handsome 4-0 victory and nothing at all for Sterling!

In of itself it wasn’t a huge disaster as he’s highly owned and was highly captained so we all missed out together.

But there’s not much I hate more in FPL than when your “banker captain” fails to deliver

I’ve looked back over my more average seasons and the one consistent reason for my average performance is the number of times I’ve chosen the wrong captain.

When you have both Salah and Sterling to choose from, by law of averages you expect decent captain returns.

Over the seasons I’ve always resorted to one playing goalie rather than 2 rotators.  It’s mainly because I’m convinced I’ll pick the wrong one each week and it will drive me nuts.

It seems the same is true with the captaincy.

There’s probably a really strong case for a perma-captain.  Set and forget. Ride the highs and accept the lows.  It would be better for my FPL sanity than constantly missing the boat.

Hugely deflated on Saturday night I put my Slack group on mute so I could just enjoy an evening out and forget about it all.  I contemplated pressing the wildcard button but didn’t want to knee jerk and slept on it.

It got a little better on Sunday when Kane did what Kane always does against Arsenal and scored in a cracking North London Derby.  He was mighty unlucky with another shot that flew back off the post and I was again left to rue what might have been. I still feel I’ve been unlucky with that pick overall – despite evidence that his on field position makes him unworthy of his price point.

A late Digne assist in Everton’s game vs Wolves propelled me to the 50 point mark.

As I took a hit it’s really a net 46 and therefore the third week in a row under my “minimum acceptable” 55 points threshold. The third captain blank too!

A strange week all in where the FPL average was higher than the top 10k average.

And I was below them both.

Not the start I wanted but I’m hearing that a lot – and there’s still plenty of time to get things right.


Gameweek 5 Preview

KwP has a good fixture at home to Palace assuming he recovers. It’s a good fixture on paper for Kane as well.  Do I keep faith?

The only real change under consideration is finally biting the bullet and bringing in TAA. The problem is I can’t do it in one move and after taking so many hits last year I’m trying to avoid chasing this early.

I will likely have major FOMO over TAA at home to Newcastle but is it worth taking a hit for?  Right now I don’t think so! But normally my FOMO is reserved for attacking assets, so it’s rare to be affected by a defender, albeit one who will probably outscore most attackers.

Kane to Firmino is another option but the only reason for that is to ensure I have triple coverage for the plum home tie vs Newcastle.

It’s a short term strategy – and on balance I’d rather have 2FT for the next gameweek.

I’m desperate not to Captain blank 4 gameweeks in a row.  The choice as ever falls between Sterling and Salah.  The stats suggest Sterling should have a field day vs an incredibly open, porous Norwich defence.  However, Salah at home to Newcastle could be an incredible fixture for Mo, even if Bruce parks the bus.  I’m on Raheem right now but that might change.

Greenwood is in ahead of KwP but if the latter is fit I’ll probably change it around.


Goops’ Unexpected Star of the Week

This week the honour goes to a Man United player.

In and among the early season gloom of missed penalties and dropped points, Daniel James has been a real revelation.

The rookie winger bought from the Championship as surely no more than a squad player is showing the United big guns that playing with joy and a nice turn of pace and skill can, sometimes, pay dividends.

I’m excited as a fan but I think we should also take note in FPL – he’s kindly priced (6.1!) if he keeps this up!

Photo: Getty via Premier League


Goops’ Weekly Pick

I got one thing right at least last week even if it didn’t benefit me directly: the Haller-copter has taken off!

For Gameweek 5 I’m picking an FPL favourite of mine, back playing after a long season last year and early season suspension: Son Heung Min.

Playing the furthest forward and a joy to watch, I think Son will start to show he’s the best Spurs asset to own in this home tie against the soaring Eagles.

It will probably signal the end of my faith in Kane.


Gameweek Lessons Learned

  • Gameweek 1 – in the absence of any stats early season, trust your instincts
  • Gameweek 2 – you can’t hit the jackpot every week – keep calm, be patient
  • Gameweek 3 – Man City and Liverpool deliver FPL guarantees. Always leave your captaincy with one of their premiums.

And Gameweek 4 – It’s so easy to overmanage when the chips are down. Take a deep breath and sleep on it


Bring on Gameweek 5 – if nothing else to signal the end of the IB!

Bye for now.