Gameweek 10: The Set Up

Here are our sides for this upcoming Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek, with a little commentary from each of us on our teams and what we’ve done with them since last time out. We also update you guys on the Darksiders (anti-meta) team for this week, plus give the WaG pick.


Pre-OR: 250k

Moves: Morata and Richarlison IN / Lukaku and March OUT


Nick says:I have taken a rare -4 this week to make some important changes to my team. Solly March was absent from the Brighton line up against West Ham, so he has been swiftly exited from my team – with a resultant loss of the 4 points he made me in total whilst he was in my team. The on fire and hot FPL asset of the week Richarlison comes in as Watford’s fixture run begins to improve. In order to fund the transfer, Lukaku has left my team. After another torrid performance where I was lucky to see a return for my captain pick of the last game week he has been shown the door. In comes Morata, who funds the March to Richarlison move, perhaps a risky move considering a poor performance against Watford. However, he has been rested for the Cup game so looks set to start this weekend. I have kept faith also in the City attacking assets despite being non-starters and am hoping Pep will not provide further punishment. The late Kane news has come too late for me to make a change there – hoping for an RLC performance against a struggling West Ham instead as I don’t think it’s worth upping my hit to a -8.”


Pre-OR: 1.4m

Moves: Chalobah and Kane OUT | Richarlison and Morata IN

Tom says“Richarlison in for Chalobah was done with more relish than an American hotdog as it finally solved my bench problem: I finally have two guys who will be playing as back up, rather than flying benchless as I have been recently! The Kane curveball was easily solved by taking a -4 to bring in Morata, whose transfer has jumped ahead of what was a plan to get him in after United. The captain pick is Jesus: I need to gamble given my rank, and a real consensus has gathered around Salah being the safe pick. Availability heuristic is at play in that people are perhaps overlooking Jesus a tad due to his no show last weekend. I am willing to bet he starts, meaning there’s a decent chance he scores – though I may of course change my mind and row back to safety if FOMo gets to me. I had a brief midweek flirtation with Richarlison but I think that that is a bridge too far.


Pre-OR: 650k

Moves: None

Team Manager Palpatine says: “Holding on this week, with the unfancied Jamie Vardy getting the armband against Everton – who will look better without their prior manager on the touchline? Elsewhere, there’s enough strength in depth to cover a potential King doubt, with Matip coming in to the back 4.

The WaG pick

Super high awareness amongst a sample of 1 girlfriend

As we wrote pre-season, this year we’re running a WaG pick feature to test the power of luck in FPL on that most important of weekly decisions, the captaincy, using Sarah and Nicola’s total disregard for football and subsequent limited knowledge on the subject of football to see if they can beat our perhaps more informed captaincy choices.

Last week, Nicola chose the Kun Aguero as her captaincy pick, giving her 7 points – beating out Nick’s 5 for Kaku and Tom’s 0 for HK.

Tom is leading the captaincy picks with 59 overall, with Nick on 40 and the WaGs catching up with him on 35.

As I suspected she would the moment I said his name, Sarah has chosen Alexis Sanchez as her pick between him, Jesus and Salah this week as he is someone whose name she heard me mentioning a lot last season whilst she was “nodding along but not really paying attention” 🙂

All the best for the Gameweek ahead!