Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Captain Courageous (DGW27-GW28)

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It’s a measure of how much my FPL season has improved that my reaction to an 80 point gameweek is muted.

I should be pleased. Its another green arrow – that’s 10 in 11 – and I’ve broken into the top 100k for the first time this season.  Finally!

On the face of it this sets me up nicely for the run in but it masks some frustrating decisions that prevented me from making some real gains.


GW27 Review

When your captain gets half your weekly points it says two things

1) For once you picked the right captain BUT…

2) The rest of your team performed poorly on the whole

That’s what it felt like at the end of the gameweek which promised so much more when I took the decision to bet against the house with Kane as captain despite City, the best team in the country, having a double gameweek and their main assets heavily backed.

Kane’s massive 19 point haul as captain was one of the most joyous moments of my season. I’ve missed so many really meaty captain hauls and with City still to play Saints it was a risk that a single gameweek captain only gets that one shot.

It’s easy to say now but Palace at home was a ‘Kane’ fixture, just as Burnley was in the DGW but this time Kane kept pace with new FPL hero Bale and then outstripped him.

However in the end Saints proved to be the fodder I had feared and a KdB mega haul and Gundo doing what Gundo does took the gloss of that pick a little.

Does anyone else take note of live updates – the issue with having the games so spread is that I can’t help myself and after the Kane mega 38 I had risen to a mighty 65k OR but the City midweek antics brought me back down to earth with a bump just inside the top 100k (phew!) at 95k – a net 12k green arrow for the week.

You see what I mean – underwhelming.

And in that mixed bag of performances from the rest of my squad were two really irritating ones.

Firstly Antonio.  Brought in for GW29, I was hoping to ride that wave with a decent score against leaky Leeds. I’d even taken out 26 hero Richarlison to accomodate so it was hugely irritating to see him maraud up and down the wing with no real chances against a profligate Leeds defence.

The other was Reguilon. I took a late hit to bring him in – again with 29 in mind and AGAIN with a really plum looking fixture in 27 vs Palace who can’t score.  A guaranteed cleanie, no?

Bloody hell – Tekkers of all people to ruin that, if it wasn’t for Kane I would have been really downbeat with that move.  It still grated for 2 reasons

1) I left 14 points of prime beefy Luke Shaw firmly on my bench instead (you just have to take those on the chin – but a 16 point swing does hurt)

2) I’d also looked closely at Craig Dawson (as he also plays in 29) and so double whammy that not only did Antonio blank, the defence was where to bet and Dawson smashed a double pointer and was so close to a 2nd goal smacking the post when unmarked.

So it’s one of those tales of what might have been but hey 80 (-4) I have to be fairly pleased with that once I’ve recovered.


DGW28 Preview

For the first time in many weeks, I’m rolling a transfer.

My risk-taking has been in overdrive and largely it’s worked but it’s time to pause and prep for 29 with 2FTs and a mini wildcard.

And trust me I’ve got moves I want to make.  I’ve absolutely had it with Sterling – what a terrible pick – that probably irritated me even more midweek when City were scoring for fun and he was nowhere in sight having been awful vs United and frankly for some time now.

Fortunately Salah has been pretty rubbish too and City failing to keep clean sheets in any of their last 4 has saved me from the punishment of moving away from 2 City at the back

Sterling, though, was supposed to propel me forwards and he’s a huge albatross round my neck right now.  The move to Auba which I plan to do in GW29 could easilt be brought forward a week but I’m going to hang fire and give Sterling this last game

I’ve every expectation he will be benched.

My final place in the team this week is a tough one to call

Neto at home to Liverpool has been picked out by FFScout in their team of the week.  I’m not so sure. The Scousers can’t win at home but Wolves are hardly on a scoring spree.

Bamford is who I would replace – and I’m tempted because he’s not been great of late – I’ve been hanging onto him for 29 (and 30 is also a good fixture) but I wish I could get rid.  That said Chelsea who Leeds play is his former club and he might just have that added motivation even though they are impregnable at the back.

I’m going to stick with my gut and play Bamford.

And so to the captain.  Well Bruno is the clear front runner but should he be? Honestly I think he’s been leggy and poor of late.  He got that early penalty last week and it’s hard to overlook his supreme record this season but West Ham are a really decent team and United are missing their entire forward line so I’m thinking of steering clear of the obvious and sticking with Kane.

Kane is playing in the NLD.  He started his career there and he’s got a ludicrously good record vs Arsenal.  11 g and 2 a in the last 12 games.

He’s just scored 4 goals in a week.  I just can’t see past that captain call personally. I am going to be loyal to my man


On we go – 10 green arrows in 11.  Can I make it a dozen or will I finally come unstuck?

Good luck all.