Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Chip Headaches (GW25-DGW26)

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I should have been approaching the big DGW26 revelling in the fact I have all of BB, TC and FH intact.

But it’s had the reverse effect.  I’ve been torn all week on which chip to use!

The obvious, and still favourite, is the Bench Boost.  After all I wildcarded in 24 and have a healthy enough bench for the first time in years to provide a springboard for BB success.

However many folk are playing their Triple Captain and on the surface this looks like the optimal week to use that chip – when else will we get such a glut of doubles for key assets

Spurs, Everton, City, even United and Liverpool, have decent looking fixtures.

Kane, DCL and Bruno are favourites for the TC armband, even Salah might yet get a look in.

I’ve dabbled with using the FH too.  That way I can get 11 amazing DGW players out. I can get Kane, DCL and Harvey Barnes. I can ditch Sterling who looks set to miss at least one of these games and bring Salah back – just for a week.

I can load up on Digne, maybe go Ederson as a guaranteed City defender.

However I’m not set up to navigate 29 – and as loathe as I am to use the FH in 29 when most of the community will have 8-9 of the players I would bring anyway, I still think this is a strategy too far!

These last few weeks I’ve performed pretty well overall, largely as I’ve been able to keep my fabled FOMO largely under control.

It has reared its head this week because I have Richarlison in my team when every man, dog and FPL casual is bringing in DCL.  And you all know how much I love DCL.  There just isn’t a way to easily bring in both Kane and DCL sadly so I had to choose and I’ve chosen Kane.


GW24 Review

Let’s take a quick step back to DGW25.

My obvious move as I stated last week was Soucek to Raphina but I stopped short of the Leeds triple up not knowing how i’d deal with that for BB26 especially with pesky freshly injured KwP needing to be moved on.

So with the Grealish injury rumours surfacing I decided Watkins would be a player who might suffer and was replaceable and decided to take a punt on Ings.

Soucek went too – out for Neto, a bit of a punt, but with decent stats and games vs Leeds and Newcastle to come I felt it could be a worthwhile differential, albeit for a hit.

Some things look great on paper don’t they.  Sadly neither of those moves paid off and Raphina rubbed salt in the wounds with that late free kick.  Ah well you win some you lose some.

Fortunately I did own both Bamford and crucially Dallas who delivered a wonderful 17 point haul and made me wonder why it’s taken me so long to own him.

That capped off a pretty decent week for me – a small green arrow with 79 (-4) even though my move for Ings (who was benched for the Leeds game!) meant Richarlison’s 8 pointer remained rooted to the bench.

I’ve sold Soucek but I can’t shake off this persistent habit of benching points.

That wasn’t what annoyed me the most though.  What annoyed me more was that I actively chose to bench a City defender.  Luke Shaw at home to Newcastle was surely a better option than Stones away at Arsenal.  I had Dallas and Lowton who had better fixtures (and so it proved) so that was a straight choice and Shaw won.

However it was me who lost as so many are still doubled up at the back with City and YET ANOTHER CLEAN SHEET was really painful for my rank.

Bruno continued to deliver though as a non captainer that hurt my rank too!

I was pleased to see Sterling score – ditching Salah for Sterling has been ok so far – just about – but I do wish I’d just stuck to 2 City at the back and not tried to be too clever.


DGW26 Preview

And so here we are.  The big double. Handle it well and it acts as a springboard to a good finish.  Mess it up and you could be back in the doldrums.

Picking Richarlison on my wildcard when DCL got injured was potentially maverick but he’s done well. He’s scored twice – one against City, once against Liverpool (which I benched!) but that’s good form.  So why oh why is everyone bringing in DCL, without a thought for Richarlison.

Let’s take a quick look at the facts

He’s scored back to back against City and Liverpool

He tends to go on streaky runs

He could be on pens if Siggy is benched or Hames hammies go

He will play the full 180.

I have considered the FH this week as above but I think it sets me back longer term and does it really help me keep pace with those who are activating the BB or TC this week? Probably not.

Decisions decisions.

Right now it’s Ings to Kane and KwP to a cheap DGWKer – as makewight.  Another hit but that’s fine.  They don’t count if it means you get 2 games per player.  There’s not much choice here to be honest. It’s got to be Mitchell at Palace, despite the fact Palace will surely concede.  If I can get 4 points out of him that would be grand and then he’s a useful bench sitter for the rest of the season.

Bamford and Dallas are my Single Gameweek players – not a bad fixture for them as it happens and can see them outscoring some of my DGWKers so it’s time to press go (assume for purposes of FPL that the BB will read as Active)


It’s a huge week for us all in the context of the season. So many chips being played.  So much to be excited about, some big scores on the horizons.

Strap yourselves in folks and enjoy!