Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Ding Dong That Went Wrong (GW2-3)

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FPL, you cruel mistress!

After a largely positive start to the season, it was back down to earth with a horrible bump.

You know all of those times when I’ve said “just leave it be, don’t overthink it”?

Well I should have listened to myself.!

An early season hit that started well, removing Mason Greenwood (who was benched) for James Rodriguez (who was star of the show) was totally undone when my other transfer of Danny Ings to Antony Martial totally backfired in spades.

Last season I was bitten so often when a member of our FPL Slack would announce an Ings goal with DINGS!

I used to dread the **Chris is typing** message in Slack as his Broadband is faster than the rest of us – and it invariably meant an Ings goal.

Having blanked GW1 he felt an easy swap across to Martial. I mean you had to cover United right? And rumours were Mason was being rested so the 0.5m I’d reserved to bring in Tony M looked justified.  What despair when Ings scored first vs Spurs (after Martial had blanked) and how that was doubled down with a late pen resulting in an 11 pt brace.  God damn it, will I ever learn.


GW2 Review

It’s still early but oh my this week hurts.

It started well when Hamez picked up a neat 12 pointer to kickstart the Gameweek.

Unfortunately DCL and Richarlison – both well owned – absolutely smashed it.

DCL is a puzzling one to get my head round: he was shambolic after the restart but any haul he gets is a dagger to my heart because I (and you can ask the Editor) picked him 2 seasons ago as a key FPL asset in the making. Yet, I have rarely owned him.

DCL and Dings are my nemeses.  Getting so badly punished selling Ings to Martial was somewhat inevitable but cruel.  Plus United at home to an average Palace side (again terrible in 2020) were utterly wretched. None of us could have called that.

Moving Mason G out to Hamez was a good call but it also used a transfer which then constituted a hit.

Keeping him warm on the bench in GW1 proved totally unnecessary and unfounded.

Still…just last week I was torn on this – so I’m pleased that I considered the options carefully, overruled myself and made a sound call – I love it when that happens:

If I make both moves I’ve taken a hit. Do I belive Hamez outscores Mason plus a hit. I don’t think so, no.  Will I regret it when Hamez is 7.7 in 5 days time? Possibly.

Elsewhere, Justin continued his early season FPL form (he’s not actually a great player) with an unexpected goal, even better that Vardy blanked as I had clear FOMO there (shock horror – Ed.).

The Auba captaincy was a bit meh – I mean just one solitary assist but hey at least it wasn’t a blank.

I didn’t anticipate the Spurs masterclass at all – Doherty is my Spurs player but did nothing… surely he comes good?

Clearly, I’m also sad not to have owned Son for this mega haul – Son is one of my favourite FPL players – he was in a few early pre season drafts but I couldn’t find a way to accommodate him.  Spurs run is so good too – how do I find a way?

And other than a TAA cleanie it was a bunch of 0-3s – absolute shocker when you layer on the -4.

I know it doesn’t mean much but a huge 1.5 million rank fall.

Saint Maximin in particular has been a terrible pick!

Oh well “it’s only a game”.

Yeah right…


Goops’ Unexpected Star of the Week

Having dropped in price after a blank in GW1, Heung Min Son absolutely obliterated sellers with a 4 goal salvo – all from Kane assists.  The Saints were dreadful and played into Spurs hands but it was still a huge statement from Sonny.


GW3 Strategy

Man City started the season with a comfortable win at Wolves, usually a tough fixture for them, and indeed most teams.

KdB finished where he left off last season with another masterclass. That guy is a true joy to watch and of course a fantastic asset.

He’s also the locked in penalty taker and during a season when we’ll get higher than average penalties awarded. I really can’t wait to see him in my team.

The obvious move is Aubameyang straight across to KdB – this was booked in before the season started and I’m not deviating from it now.

Elsewhere there are a few fires in my team I need to put out.  McCarthy in goal looks a disaster,  Ayling hasn’t proved inspiring yet (7 goals conceded) and ASM is a headless chicken and injury prone it seems.

I’m hovering over a straight move across from ASM to Podence, who is playing up front alongside Jimenez, and looks a decent FPL asset at that price point. I really want Jimenez – it can wait a week, and maybe I’ll double up.

The Hamez move worked but look what else I called out last week.

I could take Ings to either of Richarlison or DCL instead of Martial.

I won’t deny it – I’m genuinely tempted to wildcard this week instead of that -4.

Dare I?

It might help me to own double City with Foden looking a potential bargain.  But will Mahrez share game time? Probably.  My arm could yet be twisted.

Captaincy is between KdB and Werner – City at home are always so effective but Werner has the standout fixture – I’ll take my time on that one.


Goops’ Weekly FOMO Pick

I’m sticking with the Spurs theme here – he’s way too expensive for me to own but Harry Kane looks in the mood this year.  It’s no doubt helped the season didn’t start in August.  I captained Kane in this equivalent fixture last year which so happened to also fall on GW 3 and he blanked – I couldn’t believe it – but this year I think he might bag a haul.


Look what I said last week:

Enjoy GW2 folks – it will either be amazing or we’re all headed for an early Wildcard.

I wonder which way I’ll go…

Good luck in GW3!