Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Sousick (GW12-13)

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Scores of 61 and 72 (-4) have seen me progress up to 1.3m OR these past 2 gameweeks.

A net gain of about 300k.

Progress at last – but not without frustrations.

I’ve got that enviable conundrum of a half decent bench meaning I’m choosing each week between Soucek and Podence. I’m using fixtures and position on pitch to guide that decision and for 3 weeks in a row I’ve got it horribly wrong and left 9 point hauls on the bench each of those weeks!

The last 2 weeks Soucek – who we know is a bargain midfield enabler – has broken free to score twice.  Podence in that tie has played as an OOP striker but largely Wolves are anaemic in front of goal and choosing young Daniel over the giant Czech has backfired.  I’m Sousick of my luck there!

Let’s get this out of the way – 2 weeks back my FOMO was all around which City asset could I bring in for their plum home tie against Fulham.  I wanted KdB but that would mean sacrificing Bruno.  Grealish missing a game (due to Covid in Newcastle camp) meant I had an easier free TF to Mahrez, he who had scored a hattie the week earlier.

Despite the major FOMO I went with Mahrez, captained him and watched in dismay as whilst heavily involved he got a ‘4 pt’ haul against KdB’s monster double digits.

I had been warned by Jeremy, the master of Doodles, but I didn’t listen!


Salah did the business and shows how important he still is to own but as my vice captain – that keeps happening!

My mood was not enhanced when Bruno was then benched.

My very blue frontline of Vardy, Werner and DCL all did bits and 61 was ok, a bit meh.

Onto GW12 now….


GW12 Review


I’d taken a hit to move Werner out (finally!) to Bamford with Mahrez straight to KdB  – just had to rip the band aid on that.

Bamford’s early assist look set to repay that hit, but he somehow failed to add anything further and, when Soucek leapt like a salmon for his latest 9 pointer firmly rooted to my bench. I let out a yelp which had Mrs G looking on at me aghast!

Whilst football entertainment was at a bit of a premium, FPL started well enough with a Martinez 11 point masterclass even if it did mean a Podence blank.

I was pleased to see Grealish stay out of the points as removing him for Mahrez feels ill advised and I’ve lost money on that removal.

The horribly drab Manchester derby returned blanks for heavily owned Bruno and KdB – further exacerbating that decision not to move Bruno to KdB the previous week though I must admit it feels good to have them both in tandem for a few games now where fixtures improve markedly.

DCL’s assist was nice even if it removed Rames’ clean sheet but it does show that DCL remains fixture proof and I may well hold him having accrued a good deal of value.

Going into Sunday I had no Saint players against the whipping boys of Sheffield.

Adams delivered early rewarding those who have held.  Ings brings out the best in him perhaps?  I rue not having a Saints defender – KwP has been very consistent to date at his price and again he landed a clean sheet which was a surprising rank killer.

Son and Kane combining AGAIN – that’s an unbelieveable 19 out of 21 goals scored by these 2 talismen (thanks Editor for that stat on the WGTA pod) and the number of goals assisted for each other is insane so far.  Fortunately they didn’t add further to that this time.

Going into the final few games of the weekend I still had Salah as captain at Fulham and both Vardy and Justin at home to Brighton.  My points haul was steady but unspectacular at this stage and it looked to be a light week.

Liverpool were miles off it and actually have to count myself lucky to get thet Salah sh!thouse penalty a minute before his sorry arse was due to be hauled off the pitch.  At least I avoided another captain fail.

I enjoyed Leicester’s game much more.  Vardy assisted by Justin was the tonic I needed and 24 points across both players catapulted my weekly score to 72 which, finally, represented a strong green arrow.


GW13 Planning

I’ve taken far too many hits of late and with games coming thick and fast it’s better not to blow transfers and keep my powder dry.

Yes I do have FOMO as usual – this time on Grealish who I should never have removed and he’s in a huge number of rival teams.

However engineering him back in this week will mean removing in form Vardy or DCL and I don’t like the look of that at all.

Barkley being absent has impacted Grealish and I’ve been lucky so far.  With Barkley hopefully a game away from returning and Burnley likely to put up stiff resistance I’m going to roll a transfer for the first time in ages!

I still want Grealish back – and I think next week when Vardy’s fixtures turn I’ll finally remove Podence to Grealish and downgrade the Rat (somewhat reluctantly)

This week’s captain is a straight choice between KdB and Bruno – it’s a 50:50 but I’m going with the City man – I feel a haul is due and who better to play than the hapless Baggies.

Bruno could easily return a big haul vs even more hapless Sheffield United and as that’s the last game of GW13 it might mean a rank plummet but I’m putting my faith in Kevin.

Jeremy  sums the captain conundrum rather brilliantly here:


Games are coming thick and fast – lots to consider – may those green arrows keep coming and I’ll be intrigued to know how this captaincy works out for the Community.

Best of luck,