Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Treading Water (GW7-8)

Tom’s good mate FPLGoops is back for another season, writing a weekly FPL diary from the perspective of an “FPL Everyman”.

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I do love football.  It occupies a lot of my daily thoughts. 

I’m involved with it in 4 ways.

1) FPL (of course)

2) as a fan (Man United for my sins)

3) as a coach of U9 football

4) across various WhatsApp groups for banter

Earlier in the season there was a weird correlation between my U9s and Man United : when the team I coach won, so did United; when United lost vs Palace and Spurs early on, so did my U9s – it was spooky!

As we know correlation and causation never the twain shall meet- so that weird period is firmly over.

My U9 girls keep winning, and United are, well, shot to pieces!

It’s not been great as a fan recently but usually FPL bails me out – I can usually find the right sort of form to make up for those woeful performances!

But nope, it’s all gone to pot.

Last week before the Monday night games I’d done quite well – and had risen a whole 500k places before I was brought crashing down to earth when Vardy went mad and Dallas bagged a consolation.

Both annoyingly well owned.


GW7 Review

It was a mixed start.  Saiss benched.  Jimmy blanked but Podence, oh Podence he came up with the goods.

I’ve been so patient, lad.  I was rewarded.

The gameweek took a while to get going.  I was happy with the Reece James cleanie – I was close to selling last week but he’s getting in ahead of Azpi.  The threat of rotation looms large – I feel like my whole Wildcard defence is headed that way.

Saiss is no longer an option.  Justin will make way for Pereira. Mitchell is injured but may make way for PvA.

Only Robbo is secure – and he can’t keep a clean sheet without VVD alongside.

Salah at home to West Ham would ordinarily be the standout captain choice but Kane and Son are playing so well and so highly owned that the captaincy stats are split.

I went for Kane ahead of Salah this gameweek (the wrong call as it turned out) but there appears more FOMO, certainly more damage caused, if you overlook the Spurs boys.

Villa vs Saints was a barnstormer.  I was cursing Grealish being every bit the talisman in name only and not points until his late rallying cameo landed him 15 points. He looks a hold at that price.

DCL’s late consolation was nice as we we headed into the United vs Arsenal game.  Assets in that game are so low-owned.  A sprinkling for Bruno who is not worth that price point and some for golden boy Rashford who’d had a great week.

Alas United were awful. Truly awful.  Arsenal were better (though not spectacular). In FPL terms I think it’s an avoid.

And so to the Spurs game. Kane scored. Captains rejoice.  Son blanked. Commiserations to those with the armband there.  However in the end it was all rather meh.  No bonus for Kane and a bog standard 6 pointer.

Overall a green arrow and a 100k rise. However I’m just treading water.

Still 65 (-4) was a recovery of sorts – but I still feel like the season is yet to take off.


GW8 Strategy

The International break is coming soon – yaaawwwwwnn – but it makes sense to hold fire on transfers.  However my hand has been forced a little with Saiss no longer viable and Mitchell injured.  If Reece James is a no show then I have no back up.

So I’m going for a bit of a punt.  Saiss to Patrick van Aanholt.  I’m a big fan of attacking full backs and PvA is right up there.  He’s also got a decent run of games and I can’t get to Zaha right now so PvA it is.  He’ll slot in at left back but I can see him playing left wing when Mitchell is back in contention

I’m leaving it there – can’t keep taking hits.

Yes, I wouldn’t mind Werner given his form and don’t really want Jimmy for this next period but Jimmy is a player who can return a steady points return in any fixture ,plus I’m holding fire to take Jimmy up to Vardy – he’s the one I really want.

Captaincy wise, I’ve opted for Son over Kane. They are both in incredible form.

Son’s away stats back up the choice plus he gets more points for a goal and cleanie which is quite likely vs hapless West Brom.

It’s a short one this week.  I have FOMO over Werner and Zaha – think they might both bang but I need to hang in there.


Good luck everyone – wishing you all green arrows and good fortune ahead of the IB so you don’t end up stewing over your teams.