Goops’ Blog, 20/21 Zig or Zag? (GW9-10)

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For a player like me, so influenced by FOMO, these last few weeks have been tough.

I’ve literally not known whether to stick or twist; which way to zig or zag.

I’m on a run of hits right now – it’s my way to play when I’m chasing and, more often than not, the hit negates the opportunity to make up ground as you are starting 4 points behind… but I still tend to go through with it

It’s actually worked the last couple of weeks!

2 weeks ago I brought in Bruno, captained him and he duly paid off that hit with 22.

It was less compelling this week.  I looked at the fixtures and had major Vardy FOMO.  Not just for the Fulham game but for his upcoming run taking in SHU (rubbish, getting relegated, sworn enemy as Vardy is a Sheffield Wednesday fan), Brighton who are leaky and Everton who are also a little suspect defensively.

I desperately needed to move Raul Jimenez out – normally so reliable, the postman, he has been very hit and miss this season – and now he’s picked up a horrible injury and of course I wish him well.  It’s hard to come back from those sorts of head traumas.

Moving Jimmy to Vardy required a downgrade elsewhere and my only real option was to ditch Robbo.

Could I do it after he’d just scored me 10 points?

I had no choice if the Vardy pull was strong enough and, despite Robbo’s obvious appeal, with so many injuries at the back, the Liverpool defence is not the essential cover point it once was.

Robbo conceded that late equaliser, Jimmy went off early  and Vardy, whilst almost anonymous, finally picked up an assist to avoid the captain blank and that whole swing still worked in my favour – just!


GW10 Review

The Gameweek didn’t get off to the best start.

With less than 3 minutes of the 90 to go, PvA was heading for a 9pter and lift off but then Palace imploded, Wilson bagged a hatful and PvA ended on 1.  What can you do?

It was behind the sofa time for the City game.  No City representation at all.  At the start of the week I would have been able to afford Robbo to Dias as part of the Vardy upgrade which would have been perfect but I couldn’t risk Salah being declared unfit so held on and Vardy and Dias both rose in price.

I expected a clean sheet but I also feared a big haul further forward. Whilst I deliberated over Vardy, most were engineering a move for KdB.  Burnley are no pushover normally but they have a wretched record at City.  3 defeats in a row conceding 5 times.  Make that 4!

I think I was quite lucky that KdB came away with ONLY 10 points – he looked a real menace and I ought to bring him in quickly.

DCL’s blank did little harm and I went into Sunday knowing I still had most of my players to come in.  Bruno looked as if he might have a rare off day away from home but, actually, inspired United’s 2nd half comeback with a virtuouso double digit haul.  He’s dynamite in away fixtures!

Rames’ clean sheet vs Spurs was welcome, not least because it nullified points from both Son and Kane who remain heavily owned.

Podence scoring at Arsenal was less amusing.  I played Soucek at home to Villa ahead of Podence – perfectly decent logic – but Podence continues to frustrate by hauling when I leave him out, and blanking when I play him.  He’s going to be that sort of asset isn’t he. 9 points left on the bench.

Grealish finished things off nicely after both Vardy and Justin had failed miserably in what looked a plum tie for a big haul.

51 points.  Bang on average. A small red due to the hit.

I’m still treading water.


GW11 Planning

So where does my FOMO sit this week?

Firmly in the City camp of course, being home to Fulham.  Again I have choices and none of them are obvious as there’s risk to match potential reward

1) I have exact money to take Bruno to KdB

I must be mad to contemplate losing Bruno, especially ahead of an away game and especially with him in this rich vein of form.  Here’s my only viable route to KdB though.  Unless I remove Salah.  No I can’t – that’s too much for me.

2) The postponement of the Villa/Newcastle fixture due to Covid outbreak adds a new dimension.  I should bench Grealish.  However there is also a move in play that takes Grealish to last week’s hat trick hero Mahrez.  It’s tempting

I don’t really want to lose Grealish but as he misses this game it’s a serious option to consider without messing with my other players. If I bench Grealish I have to play Podence – he who definitely won’t score at Anfield…

It’s down to those options I think.  No hit required, but I lose a player I want to keep ideally.  Thing is if I want City I have to lose someone.

Here’s my bus team – assume either Bruno or Grealish have gone and the captain may move to the City asset too. No goalie this week.


Good luck everyone.  Hoppe the 17 hours you’ve spent deliberating moves this last week pays off.

It’s my birthday this weekend folks – no one’s counting – so wish me a huge green arrow and I’ll return the favour!


(Btw If anyone is wondering what’s happened to my collaboration with Jeremy  – fpldoodles1 – we’ll get some doodles in here again but we keep missing each other!  He’s a really sought after content contributor for FPL and doing a lot of private commissions too.)