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It’s very hard for me – a die hard Man United fan – to face up to the fact that Liverpool’s 30 years of hurt is finally over.  When the season was postponed and some other leagues decided not to restart, I won’t deny it did amuse me to see genuine panic build amongst huge swathes of Liverpool fans desperate to celebrate the end of this most incredible of droughts.

I was 15 years old when Liverpool last won the league.  A hormonal teenager, just getting into girls, beer and wanking.  And some of my good friends have spent their entire adult lives waiting for this moment.  I can’t deny them their moment in the sun – it’s absolutely merited.  Liverpool have been incredible.  Through somewhat gritted teeth… well done lads.


How did my Free Hit go?

It went pretty well.  As well as I could have expected.

It’s always important, when playing any of the chips, to nail your captain choice. And I had some good options.  I had Vardy at home to Leicester. Son at home to West Ham, I had Richarlison away at Norwich.  I had Salah at home to Crystal Palace.  Or even TAA.  That’s the beauty of a Free Hit.  You can choose the best players with the best fixtures.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have dared look past the Liverpool premium choice.  Why would you? It rarely fails. That’s what most of the community would do so if that player fires and you haven’t captained then you’re staring at a chunky red arrow.

I did have one further choice who had been in my mind all week.  A certain Raul Jiminez at home to Bournemouth.  I’m still somewhat viewing this restart as a mini season in its own right.  I think the best tactic is to attack the fixtures. To attack the weaker teams.  Jimmy at home to the Cherries was just that – a captain punt given the plethora of choices and for a while I was a bit nervous but he duly delivered, and bagged the max bonus. Lad.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that both Liverpool options would have outscored him.  Jimmy was a sound pick.

Around that, I had mixed fortunes.  Vardy had kicked off my FH at home to Brighton with a blank. Leicester are out of sorts but I’d still expected Vardy, on 99 PL goals, to chase down 100.  I was wrong.

Son didn’t fare that much better.  A goal disallowed (rightly) in the first half was annoying as it looked like a chance missed. His late assist for Kane was a relief. That was 2 heavyweight options yielding just 8.  Not the best start.

It got better.  Jimmy’s captain goal was accompanied by 2 cleanies for Doherty and Boly.  TAA delivered a masterclass. Salah did what Salah does. Rashford did well enough – though Martial stole the headlines – and the fizzing forward play for United bodes well indeed.

The biggest disappointment of the week was Everton.  A plum fixture at rock bottom Norwich and expectations high for both DCL and Richarlison. I wrote in my last blog I had FOMO on DCL but I did still expect Richarlison to deliver the goods.  Nothing. Insipid.  I guess you can’t always pick the fixtures.

Martinez was my cheapie option in goal to be able to afford my stellar front 8.  I was rather chuffed to see an 8 pointer there – that was a bonus, especially when highly owned Pope netted 10.

I was ending the FH on 87.  That will do.

As the late Chelsea- City game commenced I was surprised and delighted to note my rank had halved since the restart.  I went into the GW30+ Restart ranked 240k and found myself at 120k momentarily, with genuine ambitions to push for top 100k.  This seemed a pipedream before lockdown.

Then KdB scored that screamer and I realised FPL has the capacity to be cruel even when kind. I’d removed KdB for my FH.  It was a calculated risk to accommodate the other big performers.  I just needed one blank.  He had other ideas and my rank dropped 35k in one fell swoop – back to 155k.  Oh FPL, it’s the hope that kills you.


Doodle Corner – Kop of the Pops

Jeremy (aka fpldoodles1) has continued to entertain the FPL Community with his sharp-witted Doodles pulling apart the weekend action.

Jeremy, rightly, pays homage to the Liverpool title win.  Enough said about that already.


Goops’ Weekly FOMO

I promised Tom that I’d keep this ummm shorter!

So just one word.  Bruno.

(a good excuse to reuse this great doodle from back in March!)


Gameweek 32+ Planning

Kun’s season ending injury has made it an easy decision to move him to Rashford.

I was going to make this move and keep Aubameyang for Norwich anyway. My revert team from using the Unlimited Transfers in 30 has no United representation. I was always going to have to fix that and even Martial’s hat trick has not altered my course.  I really want Rashford.  Great player, great man.

My ‘revert’ team needs other surgery too.  I have 2 cheap midfielders in place – Guendouzi at 4.2 and James McCarthy at 4.3.  Both 2 point heroes.

One of them needs to be upgraded with the cash netted from the Kun sale to Rashford.  I have 3 million in the bank and so mightily tempted to pursue the strategy of attacking the worst teams by bringing in emerging hero Pulisic.

Pulisic is a bit like Martial for me. Both mercurial but both capable of scoring big.  I’ve owned both with varied success. More frustration than actual success.

However the time feels right – Chelsea have a good run and have that top 4 spot to nail.  They need to be backed.  That midfield upgrade looks too good to overlook.

Captaincy choice goes down to misfiring Auba at home to Norwich or Jimmy away at Villa.  Jimmy is the sensible choice.  So I’ll probably go with Auba!

All the best in Gameweek 31+!