Goops’ Blog, GW35: Ster Crazy

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I have to confess, my fpl fortunes since lockdown had largely been going well. 

100k rank increase and then something of a holding pattern.

And you must have been thinking who is this fraud?

Calls himself the fpl everyman but where are all the lows?  All we can see is highs!  He’s not representing the average player who keeps getting punished for dodgy sales or benchings?

Well fear not; I’m back.

A couple of naff gameweeks in a row have seen me slip into mediocrity.  It started two weeks back when I had a tough decision on whether to bench Pulisic or Jimmy. The former in decent form, the latter going through one of those rough patches.  I chose class over form and winced as Puli racked up a 9 pointer on my bench and Jimmy, a few days later, blanked again!

Whilst this was frustrating I did at least avoid missing out on that huge Salah haul at Brighton.  A fair proportion of the community felt it was time to zag away from Liverpool assets still punch drunk from their title win but Mo is never far away from a haul and it was painful to watch the community reaction to his 18 pter…


GW 35+ Review

Pep Roulette is a minefield at the best of times but Post Lockdown it’s been a nightmare.  You simply can’t anticipate who will start and who comes off the bench.  Even benched players are getting 30 mins and the way they are playing that’s often sufficient for a haul.

It’s mildly irritating that KdB – my only City constant – has not featured amongst the points whilst many others are raking it in – most notably a certain Raheem Sterling.

I’d wager many who missed Salah’s haul in GW34+ had zagged across to Sterling and weren’t left too devastated to miss that 18 pt haul as Sterling helped himself to a respectable goal and assist in just 30 mins play vs Newcastle.  That decision was then doubly rewarded this gameweek with a mega hattrick haul that saw some teams fly up the rankings

Two 5-0 victories in a row and owning KdB and Foden delivered nothing. My only consolation is that surely Foden now plays vs Bournemouth.

Mind you. Operation Target Bournemouth can hardly be called a success.  A first clean sheet in 18 games vs Spurs was then followed by a scarcely believable 4-1 thrashing of Leicester.  It was partly self inflicted by the hapless Foxes but you really couldn’t see that one coming.  And guess what I moved misfiring Jimmy out to Vardy to target this game.  Jimmy outscored Vardy!  I can’t win right now.

Do I  think it makes the City v Bournemouth game less of a stroll?  No, I think City may still fire a few past the Cherries who are now also missing their best defender Ake.

Antonio’s huge 4 goal salvo at Norwich rather proved there are a few teams to target.  I own Antonio in the Sky FF game so enjoyed that but in fpl it didn’t really cross my mind. It should have as he still has home games against Watford and Villa to come.  He would have been an excellent differential move.  Alas, I never spot these until it’s too late.

Salah was hugely unlucky against an inspired Pope – a goalkeeper i can’t believe I don’t own.  I moved Foster in 2 weeks back to cover their ‘better fixtures’. Possibly one of my worst ever moves in fpl!

Oh well – a respectable 50 in the end thanks to Rashford’s goal last night.  It wasn’t terrible but it’s so meh.

Gameweek 36+ Planning

I’ve found it really tough to figure out what I should do this week. It feels ages since I just rolled a transfer.  I’ve been in attack mode but it’s left me treading water, actually I’m sinking a bit.

Man City and Chelsea have the standout fixtures.  I already have KdB and Foden for City.  The former could get rested, the latter is a candidate for the captaincy.

I have Pulisic for Chelsea.  It’s a great fixture but they’ve just come off a hiding away at Sheffield United and I whilst I expect them to win it might not be at the canter we would have first expected.

City look as if they can steam roll anyone in their path but do have an FA cup semi final to prepare for and changes are expected.

It’s hard to call – Sterling and Jesus are both in great form.  I massively fear Sterling but do expect him to be rested.  Jesus is an odd one.  I really don’t rate him as a player.  I don’t think he’s very good at all.  However he is in form, the stats are crazy and I could do worse than zag that way.

I’ve also got the small issue of a Bench Boost to prep for and some issues in my backline which need attending to if I want to get 15 viable performers out for the BB. If I could bring Pope in without a hit I’d probably do that and leave it.

Right now, with 2 hours until the deadline I really haven’t got a clue.  I should probably leave it and give myself the option of a mini wildcard to feed into GW37+ planning.  Or…I just go out on the attack.

Is anyone else really struggling this week?

Good luck all!