Goops’ Blog: The Other “Red Roulette”

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The enforced mid season break has done wonders for some teams, whilst others must wish the authorities had voided the season. 

From both sides of this scale, there are interesting sub plots emerging.

Strikingly, for me, Man United have picked up where they left off.  Only now with Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in tandem for the first time, the look a real force.  Bruno the architect.  Pogba the balletic sidekick.  He was just craving to play with someone as good as him.

Suddenly that ablity to unlock a defence – so prevalent during the Fergie years and so absent since – has transformed the way the team are playing as a whole.  Suddenly Matic looks reborn, a revelation – nearly topping the distance covered charts in the recent hammering of Brighton.

At the other end, Bournemouth, Norwich and Villa have been woeful. The Cherries in particular look utterly defeated before they’ve stepped on the pitch.

A match up between these two contrasting sides can only go one way right?



Doodle Corner – Bruno bags the spoils

Jeremy (aka fpldoodles1) has continued to entertain the FPL Community with his sharp-witted Doodles pulling apart the weekend action.

Jeremy joins in with the Bruno love here as the Portuguese maestro majestically consigned Martial’s hat trick last week to history.


GW 32+ Review

It started badly for me.  14 points from 5 players with 4 game days gone.

Whilst I loved watching Bruno majestically link up with Pogba to down Brighton I was no longer an owner (I had him on my Free Hit for a miserly 3 pts!) and, even worse, I owned Rashford who was marooned on the left wing most of the game nowhere near the action. I also didn’t own a United defender.

My rank dropped from 160 to 240k during those fateful first days of the GW.

Fortunately the whole gameweek turned on its head thanks to a certain Arsenal striker.

Much maligned for his non-contribution during the double gameweek, I had removed him for my free hit team and was so relieved he blanked at Saints,  however I’d always earmarked him for the captaincy against Norwich.

Surely Aubameyang – fastest player to 50 PL goals in Arsenal’s history in 6 fewer games that it took the great TH14 – would be able to bang them in against Norwich?

In the end, his drought was broken through stroke of great fortune – the otherwise bullish Krul trying to be Ederson and having his pocket picked.  32 captain points, thank you very much.

I’d taken a hit to move Guendouzi from my UT team to Pulisic, who had looked sharp since the restart.  Pulisic had pulled up with injury during the cup game and most rumours suggested he would miss the game at West Ham. I was livid at first but then relieved to see he’d made the team sheet.

He then went onto perform very well in an otherwise fitful Chelsea performance.  2 assists, 8 points.  A dream addition.  Now everyone wants him.

Last night Baldock, still in my squad post UT, was awarded an assist for their first goal by accident in my Slack and then cruelly gave away his clean sheet points at the death. I hate it when that happens. Really hate it. And it’s the main reason I so rarely trust 4 at the back – I just expect the clean sheets to be ripped from under me during stoppage time.

The week was nicely finished with a KdB haul.  What was that result? Highly unexpected – Liverpool heads must have still been at the bar.

KdB’s form is incredible. It’s quite something that even in such a heavyweight fixture  he still looks head and shoulders above the rest.

A good recovery in the end to 72 points.  Back up to 145k rank.  A net gain for the week of 15k.


Goops’ Weekly FOMO

With everyone backing Salah, I actually think his frenemy Sadio Mane might pop up with the goods this week.


Gameweek 33+ Planning

With the games coming thick and fast and with the market forces wreaking havoc, I moved quickly to fix my ‘no Bruno’ issue taking a hit to move Grealish (good grief!) to Fernandes and Auba (before his haul!) to Mason Greenwood, leaving myself 4.4m in the bank.

It felt right, after watching that Brighton game and looking ahead to the very kind United fixtures, to jump on a United triple up – something I normally shy away from as a fan.

Mason G himself is a bit of a risk.  However he looks in fine form, has displaced Dan James from the team (rightly) and, if Ole is sensible, will now get a run of games in that role on the right and could be a very cost effective asset – not least for anyone still with Bench Boost in their pockets.

My captaincy decision is a tough one.

All normal logic points to Salah at home to Villa. Let’s just erase that City result – even there, Salah hit the post, and he’s home to a woeful Villa. At Anfield, I can see Salah showing what he’s all about (and as per the FOMO pick, Mane too if you own him).

The other options are my United assets.  Whilst I think owning Bruno is now essential for this run, I have fears he will revert to the 3 point cameo from 2 weeks back.

The United Red Roulette is in full swing and I don’t know who to trust week in week out – it’s a familiar tale to have a new other red roulette as it’s been emblematic of the issue we’ve had with the Liverpool FPL picks in the past.

Good luck this Gameweek!