Pod 114 – This Year’s Market

An underwhelming week in FPL ends with a regulation 2-0 victory for United seeing the market react, and this week it’s all about how the market has developed this year. It’s a “now for something completely different” type podcast where we meditate on something – WGTA style – to give you something different in terms of the more practical advice you may hear elsewhere in the first non-GW end podcast this restart period as Friday podcast editing is a no-go for me!

The includes some psychology and other analysis to see what the market has brought us this campaign.

Alongside this, it’s our questions and transfers and captains.

Also this week a quick mention of Sara Heal’s gofundme – https://www.gofundme.com/f/aj9xcg-help-sara-healPlease do give whatever you can to this. Cancer is a devastating and non-discriminating disease which impacts millions of people worldwide, and Sara’s circumstances are particularly moving. Do check it out and support Tom (Whitebeard_FPL)’s family if you can.

Back next Wednesday for the penultimate pod of 2019/20.