Pod 48: BE in FPL (feat. Simon March)

Hi all!

This week, in the second half of our holiday pods (Nick’s in Cyprus, forgive any audio issues) we’re joined by 2014/15 FPL champion Simon March to talk about Behavioural Economics and some basic concepts that impact how we act as FPL managers.

We then move on to our features section, which covers:

  • Market Forces: our look at the movers & shakers in the FPL transfer market
  • Zombie league: our review of the ghost ship league we’re running on behalf of our unspecified family members
  • All England: keeping track of our team of All-English players this year

Finally, we take some questions from the community, including a bonus, hugely interesting answer from Simon on how he played out his winning season.

516-441 main league






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