WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 1 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E1)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 18:30**

So we’re back, but back a bit differently as we pivot toward our lockdown content.

We’re now recording purely for our own amusement to help keep us sane, but we’re sure this’ll entertain you as well.

This first podcast in the new format covers two key things

1/ Recent News

2/ S2E1 of Netflix’s Sunderland Till I Die, our watchalong which includes analysis of some key points in the episode and builds into interesting chats about wider topics (featuring some soundbites from the show, too)

We’ll continue with these week to week until we’re at the end of STID 

Hope you enjoy, feedback welcome on twitter or instagram.