WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 4 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E4)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 9:30**

We return for episode 4 of our lockdown content, starring our watchalong of Sunderland Till I Die.

In this edition, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E4 – Playing Poker.

This is THE episode of the series, with the ramping drama as Stewart Donald makes a high-stakes decision to sign Will Grigg (is on fire) for a League 1 record shattering fee. We follow the events and give our thoughts on pressurised workspaces, critique and analyse decision itself and pick over the wreckage of the aftermath of the tumultuous events of that ill-fated transfer deadline day.

See you next week for S2E5!

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