WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 6 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E6)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 13:42**

We return for the final episode of our Sunderland Till I Die watchalong (but not the final episode on it, as you’ll hear on the pod!)

In this episode, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E6 – Football Is Life.

As the season draws to a close and Sunderland approach key matches in the playoffs, we discuss what’s acceptable in terms of addressing players after Tom Flanaghan’s Tesco haranguing, mental health for the young men involved in light of Jack Baldwin’s dropping for the team, and of course throw in a healthy dose of Stewart and Charlie chatter.

We’ve got one more episode to come on this to knit the whole thing together, which’ll cover both how Sunderland fans saw the series, what it was like for the city and to be part of it, as well as an Epilogue to see what happened next.

To help us accomplish this, we’re looking forward to being joined by Alex McCain, the host of the Roker Rapport, next episode.

See you next week for that!

Hope you enjoy, feedback welcome on twitter or instagram.