WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 7 (feat. Alex McCain from the Roker Rapport)

Rounding off our journey through Sunderland Till I Die, we’re joined by the brilliant Alex McCain, host of the Roker Rapport.

The episode is split into two sections this week to cover the breadth of material, which means the news misses out but we gain a helluva lot of depth in its place!

Part one is talking about the show and its impact for Sunderland fans – what was it like being involved, and how have the fans been impacted by it?

The second part is an epilogue of sorts of the series, with Alex providing insight into how Sunderland have fared since the show plus also updating us on how the cast of characters starring in the series have been going.

A really enjoyable pod which had us rapt from start to finish.

Thank you for listening to the series. We’ll have a short hiatus now (as it’s normally summer break), and we’ll be back when the (hopeful) FPL buildup recommences.

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