WGTA S4 E10 – Should We Zombify Our FPL Teams?

This week we ask the vexed question: should we zombify our FPL teams?
Of course, our answer is no. But why? What things can maybe point to us, as managers, having a positive impact on how our teams positively progress through the season in the context of continual disasterclasses?

We draw on things like contrasting our fortunes against the the ideal zombie team, the “what if” generator in terms of if we left our teams versus our intervention, and other factors to think about what value we, as managers, bestow upon our outcomes.

Also in the correspondence it’s a look at how data could, potentially, be weighted for outcomes alongside a dramatic poem reading and then the standard quickfire Q+A and minileague update.

Back next week with the man FPL Heisenberg!

League code: cpsulf