WGTA S4 E12 – What Have We Learnt After 8 FPL Gameweeks?

This week it’s an old school two man pod, with Nick and Tom updating (in Anthony’s absence due to exams) the titles dished out pre the first international break in Gameweek 4 and reflecting on what’s happened since then and how they may evolve going forward.

These headings are:
Team of the year (so far)

3 players of the year (so far)

Star of the year (so far)

Surprise of the year (so far)

Flop of the year (so far)

Plus it’s defensive choices in the correspondence section – get your questions in to whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com – as well as the usual twitter Q+A.

Enjoy, we’ll be back as normal (with Anthony again) after International Break!

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