WGTA S4 E23 – Why might we bench the wrong players?

This week’s quick turnaround pod is a trailblazer in its correspondence-led visage. This time, we focus in on huge question focusing on Soucek gate – why might we bench the wrong players? It’s all about price. Accordingly, we look at the arguments surrounding that with behavioural science and the continued value of the big boys coming into the discussion.

Alongside that, it’s the market forces, the mini league ranking and then the questions. This week’s questions give our view on the main on the button queries – what do we do with Chelsea? Are Everton and Leicester worth buying into? Is a City defender worth our captaincy?

For correspondence matters, get your questions in to whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com.

Back next weekend after the next Gameweek – another quick turnaround pod we’re afraid, but we hope we assist you nonetheless in those.

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