WGTA S4 E25 – Quickfire pod (again) 2/2 (GW22-3)

This week’s quick turnaround pod covers the key questions among FPL managers coming out of Gameweek 22 via our Q+A.

Alongside that, it’s the market forces, the mini league ranking and then the questions. This week’s questions give our view on the key questions on the week, such as how do we assess the 9-0, what are the implications of lotsa money and a strong bench, and what do we do with the captaincy in this weird period?

We’ve skipped it over in this odd period, but correspondence will return – for correspondence matters, get your questions in to whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com.

Back NEXT TUESDAY with ex FPL winner Simon March for a podcast about all things behavioural science.

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