WGTA S4 E26 – Does behavioural science have an impact on FPL? (with Simon March)

This week, Nick and Tom are joined by former FPL Champ and LSE grad Simon March to talk about the impact of behavioural science on FPL.

In a practically driven application of the theories behind this, we look at three key concepts in behavioural science:

  • Gambler’s/Hot Hand Fallacy
  • Loss Aversion
  • Satisifing vs Maximising in decision making

And detailing how they apply to fantasy football management.

Also in the Q+A, we look at chip strategies and DGW24 picks among other things.

No Anthony this week due to illness, but Correspondence will be back next week. Email in: whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com.

Back next week (to be arranged pending DGW timings).

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