WGTA S4E41- 2020-21 Finale

It’s the end of yet another season, and we’re here for a final pod this term to look over the campaign just gone.

We begin with our season reviews, our mini league reviews and,  a bit of an announcement with regards to next year.

There’s also an extensive analysis of what made 2020/21 so unique, featuring a look at why the points totals were so high, bandwagons and if 3-5-2 is the way forward, alongside our usual end of season awards to round off.

No correspondence here with no further weeks to look forward to, but if you do have any idea marinating over the summer do feel free to get your questions in to whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com for 2021/22.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR LISTENING THIS YEAR. We will return with summer special pods in July.