WGTA S4E37 – How will the 200 club change? (feat. Lucy Highnett)

This week, Anthony, Nick and Tom are joined by the brilliant Lucy Highnett (find her @lucyhighnett on twitter) to discuss the 200 club. We analyse the elite band of players scoring over 200 points per season past and present and assess their performance this season, as well as projecting their performance going forward.

Also the correspondence comes from Rishi (@FPLRaccoon) looking at the midfield picks and EO, as we look at how the midfield template is going to fit over the last 4 weeks.

Plus, in lieu of listener’s questions that didn’t arrive due to the blackout, we chat about the double gameweek to come in 35.

For correspondence matters, get your questions in to whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com and you, too, could get your song sang by Tom…

Back next Thursday for a quick turnaround pod – the last of the season (hallelujah!!)

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